Students Participate in Rally

Anazao Community Partners staff members Jeannie Cutlip and J.Greg Morrison and West Holmes Schools staff member Rosemary Taggert accompanied 13 students from West Holmes High School to Genoa Park in Columbus for a "We are the Majority" rally.

One of the most common misconceptions from our society is that a majority of young people are making detrimental decisions that affect the rest of their lives. However, research has continuously shown that a vast majority of youth are making positive, healthy choices. To help capitalize on this message, the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network held the fifth annual "We Are the Majority Concert, Resiliency Ring, and Rally" on April 28, 2016 in downtown, Columbus, Ohio.

There were over 1800 students from across the state of Ohio in attendance. The rally celebrates the fact that the majority of teenagers are NOT using drugs or drinking alcohol. These students make it a priority to concentrate on being an example and a leader in their respected schools and communities.